I was born on June 27, 2000.   I'm Tuesday child.  A...ha... Please don't forget to send me toys!!!

About Me:

I’m a (sweet sixteen)...(Oh!! no!!  I still want to be a little kid)

My height is about 180 cm. 

I started my education at Lardprow Biligual School then I moved to Ascot International School in Year 1.  Again, I just moved to Ekamai International School.  I love playing BB gun. 


I like playing LEGO, LASY and blocks.  I also love to design sport cars of my own.   

As I grow up, I add Photography as my cool hobby too.  I also interest in new technology...


 Riding bike is my favorite sport.  

My Friends:

Sumo and I have been good friends since we were in kindergarten.  Although we are in different schools but we still keep in touch and visit each other when we have time.

We have the same interesting things such as trains, cars and airplanes. He is one of my best friends!!

At Ascot International School, I have so many friends to play with, and now I moved to new school, I still miss them very much.  Anyway, we can contact via Facebook, right!!??

When I Grow Up:

I'm interesting in fast engine machine.  I like great design of Ferrari and Lamborghini.  That's why I want to be a great Engineer and car designer to invent the fastest sport car in the world. 


Rock music is my life but I also like classical music.  I can play piano and recorder.  See!! How good I can play. 

School Life: 

My Good Memory with Friends @ Ascot

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First step of my stuyding...KG1 moved to Park Place International School Christmas Party: Year 1 Chinese New Year : Year 2 Halloween : Year2

Loy Krathong with Nutt One-Day Trip to Science Musuem My Birthday with friends Character Day International Day in Year 3 : We were UAE.

Trip with friends @ Spring Field Hua Hin Loy Krathong Character Day : I was Harry Patter... with friends and Clifford The Red Big Dog... Loy Krathong : Year 3

Kanchanaburi Residential Trip to Khao Yai : Year 4 Also brought Popia to Khao Yai My Birthday : Year 4

Year 4 Making Tote Bag Halloween Day with friends in Year 4 Having fun action with friends : Year 4 Trip to The Mall

In the class : Y5O Science Experiment Halloween Day Loy Krathong Residential Trip @ Rayong

Residential Trip @ Rayong Residential Trip @ Rayong International Day International Day

At Ascot International School, I enjoyed my studying and my good (play) time with friends.  I love climbing frame...I love swings and many more.  My favourite classes are Art and Design Technology.

Time flies as I had to move to new school.  I'm sure that I miss my teachers and my friends.  Hope they won't forget me too!!!


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