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It was school holiday then I decided to visit my cousins in Hong Kong.  Let fly with me!!

Smooth as Silk...

Ma Wan is an island in Hong Kong and it's part of Tsuen Wan District.  We took MTR to Tsuen Wan West station
then took ferry to the island. This island is totally environmental friendly. Private vehicles are generally
not permitted to enter the island, (taxis are allowed from 8pm to 7am) however a permit can be requested from
the Transport Department of Hong Kong. Minibuses are not allowed, but
the Park Island management company operates cars in case of emergency
or special situations, though their availability is not guaranteed.
Lorries may enter the island between 10am to 4pm daily without the need for a special permit.

 blocks of apartment complex on park island.

We walked through the complex, then arrived the Noah's Ark where is the world's only full size
replica of Noah's Ark located on the Ma Wan waterfront and under the Tsing Ma Bridge
There are many interesting activities inside such as huge garden, exhibition about Noah's Ark,
playground, education house, etc.


The exhibition about Noah's Ark

The garden

We spent almost the whole day....so time to went back to land.

 continue to my next adventure 


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