2010 Hong Kong ★*★The Peak

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Next....up to The Peak

 by tram

with friends

 nice shoot...good view


 enjoy my ice-cream

 with mom and grandma

fun..fun @ Madame Tussauds

(left) Cecilia Cheung                  (right) Leo Ku

(left) Eddie Murphy                  (right) Janice M. Vidal

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

(right) Leslie Cheung 张国荣


(left) Elle Macpherson  (right) the wax figure of Madame Tussauds

(left) William Shakespeare  (right) Pablo Picasso

(left) Yang Liwei, the first Chinese to be sent into space        (right) Hu Jintao

(left) Adolf Hitler  (right) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(left)  Chiling Lin        (right) Leon Lai 黎 明

(left) Albert Einstein           (right) Astro Boy

(left) Connie Chan           (right) Marilyn Monroe

(left) Pierce Brendan Brosnan, James Bond           (right) Chiyoofuji Mitsugu

(left) Wen Jiabao  

(left) Liu Xiang           (right) Miriam Yeung

(left) Madonna           (right) Lady Gaga...and the gang

Tiger Woods

(left) Mick Jagger   (right) Michael Jackson

The Beatle and me

night time with friends

The Symphony of Lights show

Too tired for little kid like me...G'nite


 continue to my next adventure 

Ma Wan Island     The Peak     Lantau Island      Disneyland    The Venetian     Happy Days




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