Year 5 - Science Key Vocabulary : Change of State

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1. Materials that will not dissolve, for example sand in water

2. Something that dissolves, salt and sugar are soluble in water.

3. Cannot be seen or out of sight.

4. Solid liquid and gas are states. So a change of state could be from solid to liquid - when ice melts and turns into water.

5. To change to another state: a gas or vapour turning into a liquid state.

6. The act of condensing; when steam hits a cold surface it changes state from a gas to a liquid and turns back into water.

7. To become a liquid due to warmth or heat, e.g. ice to water.

8. To become hardened into ice or into a solid, change from a liquid to a solid state as a result of cold temperature.

9. To make solid; change from a liquid or gas to a solid form.

10. A change that can be reversed-able to go back to the original condition. Such as water-melting ice-being frozen again.

11. A change that cannot be reversed-go back to the original condition. Such as an egg being fried or wood being burned.

12. To change from a liquid to a gas, producing bubbles of gas that rise to the surface of a liquid, for water, it changes state at 100C.

13. Water in the form of an invisible gas or vapour.

14. The cycle through which water evaporates and becomes vapour in the air, condenses in clouds and turns into rain, precipitation then returns to the earth. It will again evaporate into the air.

15. When a liquid changes state into a gas

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