Year 5 - Science Key Vocabulary : Changing Sounds

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1. The size of a vibration or the height of the peaks and troughs of a wave.

2. This transmits vibrations from the outer ear to the small bones in the middle ear.

3. The number of times a wave vibrates in one second.

4. Materials which can prevent sound from travelling.

5. A device which can be used to show sounds as moving waves on a screen. The amplitude and frequency can then be measured.

6. How high or low a sound seems. Fast, high frequency vibrations give h

igh notes. Slow, low frequency vibrations give low notes.

7. Something that makes a sound when it vibrates.

8. The vibrations made by a sound source. Pulses of sound enrgy.

9. Rapid movement backwards and forwards around a fixed point.

10. A regular vibration in a material. Waves carry energy. The bigger the amplitude of the wave, the greater the amount of enrgy.

11. The length of one vibration of a wave.

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