Year 5 - Science Key Vocabulary : The Earth, Sun and Moon

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1. An imaginary line through the Earth which runs from pole to pole

2. The force that pulls towards the centre of Earth.

3. The planet where we live.

4. The path an object takes around another object in space. It takes a year for the Earth to do this around the sun, 28 days for the moon to do this around the Earth.

5. The Earth's natural satellite that revolves around it in about 28 days.

6. A shape like a ball.

7. A system of planets which revolve around a star (or sun).

8. To turn around on a axis. Every 24 hours, Earth does this on its axis.

9. A period of the year in a particular part of the world characterized by weather and temperature conditions.

10. The time it takes for the Earth to completely rotate on its axis.

11. This is the time when our part of the world face the sun and is illuminated by it.

12. When parts of the world face away from the sun; they are in shadow at this time.

13. The time it takes for Earth to orbit around the sun.

14. The time it takes for the moon to orbit around the Earth.

15. The star that is at the centre of the solar system, around which the planets revolve and from which they receive light and heat.

16. Something that orbits around the Earth of the moon.

17. The dark shape of an object that has blocked rays of light. Darkness after sunset.

18. A spherical ball of rock and/or gas that orbits a star. The Earth is one, our solar system has eight of these.

19. One of the four phases of the moon, occurring when the earth lies between the sun and the moon so that the whole face of the moon can be seen.

20. When the moon is between the sun and the Earth, it is in shadow so we cannot see it.

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