Again..and again to Rai Saengarun@Chiangrai::Dec 09::

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Rai Saeng Arun was our destination again for our trip this year.  Why???  Will let you know later!!!

Follow won't get lost!!! Trust me!! This was my third time here!!

Follow me closely!!!

Too slow..

Long way to go...

Have a look at beautiful lotus first

Then, follow me....don't be hurry!!

We stopped here first.

Bung Bua House (Villa around with lotus pond) My grandma stayed here.

not to far..My Grand ma can't walk too far.

Yes!! Arrived!!

You're invited!!

Nice room but a bit too small for me

I liked to sit here.

soft cushions

Opened-Space Shower Area

Next, I will take you up my room on the hill.  Take it easy!!

Save your energy!! A Long way to go.

Are we there yet???  No..No..Nooooooooooo

and no......not yet arrived

Mind the little snails, please.

Have to walk up through 165 steps

There are 3 rest areas...don't worry!!

no step anymore..phewwwwwww

First will arrive at Duen Jam 2

But mine was Duen Jam 1, so..keep walking

Almost arrived

Here we arrived!! Deun Jam 1

My room & My Bed (bigger room)

Opened-Space Shower

When you take shower and look up...You will see like cool


With Yee Bee

View from Terrace

It's time for painting


Running and Walking around

Rice Barn

Internet Room

Because of this one...that's why I had come here for third time...


Veggie Field

Rest Room for public area

Organic Veggie

We had breakfast and dinner here..along Khong River

There are 3 houses along Khong River

Khong River


Me and Mom

Next... will take you to walk around the hill

Come On

Tents are available for those who love nature

Saeng Arun 1

Saeng Arun Villa (next time I will stay here)

Rest Room for those who stay in Tent

looking back and see Saeng Arun!!

Jungle Trail


Pieng Or Villa (Bamboo Forest View)

Rai Saeng Arun at night

guest book.  written & drawn by me






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