Chockchai Farm / Jim Thomson Farm ::Dec 11::

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Just take about 2.5 hours driving to the north to experience
the cowboys' role at Farm Chokchai, Saraburi.  So cool!!!

Watching a demonstration of cattle semen collection

Exploring the farm on a caravan tractor

Farm tour....
Enjoy riding on ATV
Watching cowboy show

Witnessing an amazing sheep dog demonstration
@ Petting zoo
Feeding deer, rabits, sheep and camels
the pony...too small for me to ride on them
I wanna be a cowboy!!!
It takes about 2.5 hours to enjoy all the activities
Taking photos before leaving the farm
How nice!!!

Then we went to Jim Thomson Farm to explore sunflower field
and pumpkin farm 

Sunn Hemp Field....full of yellow flowers  
Sunflower field and Hanging garden
Popia in a cosmos field
Pumpkin garden
Exploring the farm with Popia
Enjoy walking in a pumpkin garden...and flower field
Issan village 
Mulberry farm 
Experience the simply and sufficient Issan villagers’ way of life
Another nice trip for me.....


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