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Accidentally found this resort from Travelling exhibition. It looks nice... then we decided to try.  Rai Sangarun is located in Chiang Khong, Chiangrai province. The resort area stands along Khong River.

Here we arrived....

with this sign board, we really arrived...

very peacefully resort

started here...a long way to go...we stayed at Duen Jam 1 and Duen Jam2

on the way...

this is rice field, it will all green during rainy season

Need rest........???

Bamboo arch

here we arrived...soft and comfy bed

northern decoration style

opened shower area

big terrace area

room with view

long footpath to villa

Khong River....and another side is Laos

165 steps to go up and down

Patt liked running back and forth, challenging to balance himself on the narrow footpath

another villas around with the marsh

front of the resort

Along Klong River side villas

internet room

on the foggy morning

even late morning...can see the fog


we were here for breakfast, lunch and dinner

fresh vegetable

a lot............

meeting room area

villa along Khong River Side

rice barn

Oop!!! MOMMY...HELP!!!!



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