Hong Kong@Disney Land ::Oct 08::

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It was my school holiday so mom took me to Hong Kong
where my great vacation began!!

Mom took me to Ocean Park, not much fun but better than stayed still in the hotel

We went there during the Halloween Festival

Visited Pandas


Another monster

View from Ferris Wheel

when we were on cable car

Ferris Wheel 

Sea Lion Show

Dolphins Show 

Toys, Toys and Toys

The next day, we went to Disney Land where was sooooo much fun!!

at Disney Land's Station


wow..toys!! I like toys!!

enjoyed catching bubble

Tomorrow Land

Princess's Castle

My cotton candy

Pooh Bear

Small World

Pat in the cup

Jungle Cruise

Tarzan Hut

toys again!!


Mom and I spent the whole day here, we left Disney Land at almost 10.  Wow!! My Happy Day!!

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