Cycling @ Khoakheaw ::Feb 12::

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 Khao Kheow Open Zoo is located in Ampur Sriracha, Chonburi. It is 25 kilometres from Siricha town.
The Zoo is situated in the foothills of the only remaining forest left in Chonburi.
The surrounding environment is a mixture of dry and evergreen forests that are very natural,
plentiful and unchanged from the past. Most of the animals live in large stalls which are always
suitable for them. Visitors can experience the animals up close.

Part 1 : Feb 18, 2012

real baby hippopotemus

Stinky White Rhinoes 
Giraffes in Africa Savanna zone

Fixing the tire...

Malayan Sun Bear

At Savannah Section, there are many kinds of the animals which live together in harmony in the same
area, like giraffes, zebras, ostriches, rhinoceros, springboks, oryxs, impalas, bestbok.
This large park is set in about 2 acres and surrounded by a dry ditch


Barbary Sheep

Natural Bird Park 

 uphill and downhill road...

Tapir in the bath tub

so exhausted...
Getting's time to go home...
Part 2 : Feb 25, 2011
The second time of this month at Khao Kheaw Zoo....
  Welcome to the Primate Zone 
Then feeding the giraffes..the longest neck creature.  Its height is about 4.5 m.  wow!!
The ring-tailed lemur, the rhinos and the flamingos
We had lunch in the zoo, don't ask me how the food taste!!

The emus

 The barbary in the condo

 Ready to ride downhill to the bird park
When the staff blew a whistle, the birds flied for the food the Cat Complex...the big and scary cat (meaw....)

Oop!! flat tire...but don't worry, I can change it myself.
A pitty jaguar, he wants to come out.
Look into his eyes, he looks so sad!!!  He wants friends to run around with.
 so...I play "staring game" with you....who blink the eyes first, lose

Oop!! this time I lose.
The deer zone


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