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Up to North again...Here we stopped at Chiangmai before going up to Chiangrai.  First we dropped by The Royal Flora Expo where is the one of the most spectacular flower and plant expositions that the world has ever seen with an astounding 220 different species and a total of 2.5 million plants on display.

Then, we went up to Doi Suthep to pay respect to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep hill has been seen as a holy place for more than twelve hundred years. The original inhabitants, the Lua, believed that the souls of their ancestors resided on the hilltop. When Buddhism was embraced by the Siamese people, the hill became the epicentre of the universe, and the centre of Buddhism in Lanna. The temple was built in the late 14th century under King Geu Na, and attracts many pilgrims and tourists, both local and international, throughout the year.

Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium which is claimed as the longest aquarium in Asia. In the Chiang Mai Aquarium you'll find fresh & salt-water species living side by side in a distinctive complex containing several unique exhibits. It's an incredible collection of marine life from oceans halfway around the planet and from rivers on several continents. This is a chance to experience a remarkable close-up view of the rarely observed underwater world as you walk through the aquarium's crystal clear tunnels.






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